SEO consultant

Markese Straughter

Driving traffic that not only visits but converts

I'm Markese, the founder of WFpulse. My journey to becoming an SEO consultant and entrepreneur reflects my passion for mastering the digital realm. It all started with an intensive coding bootcamp, where I built the foundation for my technical skills. Through internships and serving as a Scrum Master, I learned the importance of agile project management, leading me to specialize as a Webflow developer and SEO strategist.

A turning point in my career was collaborating with seasoned SEO pros from top tech companies and joining Google SEO meetups. These experiences shaped WFpulse's vision. Here, I've distilled my insights into a brand focused on boosting website traffic and ensuring genuine, converting visits. At WFpulse, our aim is to enhance your online presence from visibility to essential vitality.