Webflow SEO Audit Service

We specialize in providing comprehensive SEO analysis designed specifically for Webflow sites. Our audits give your company a clear and actionable plan to improve search engine rankings. These types of SEO analysis are ideal for companies with in-house teams or agencies ready to make the recommended changes.
Webflow SEO Audit

Why You Need a Professional Webflow SEO Audit

SEO Hidden Issues

Identify Hidden Issues

Discover technical issues that may hold back your site’s performance.
Competitive SEO

Stay Competitive

Gain insights into your competitors’ strategies and how to outperform them.
SEO return on investment

Maximize ROI

Ensure that SEO efforts align with your business goals for the maximum return on investment.

How Often Should You Get a Webflow SEO Audit?

We recommend doing a Webflow SEO audit every 6 months to keep up with search engine changes and industry trends. Regular audits help maintain and improve a site's performance by addressing new issues.

What You Get with Our Professional Webflow SEO Audit

Our keyword research is tailored to your business needs. Here are the benefits:

  • Comprehensive Keyword Database: We build a keyword database to ensure you target the most relevant terms.
  • Competitor Analysis: We identify untapped keywords competitors are ranking for, helping you gain a competitive edge.
  • Long-Tail Opportunities: Discover low-competition, high-value keywords that drive targeted traffic to your site.
  • New Keyword Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by identifying new and emerging keywords before competitors do.
  • Content Strategy Alignment: Our keyword research aligns with your content strategy, ensuring every piece of content is optimized.
  • Prioritization and Actionable Insights: We prioritize keywords based on their potential impact, giving clear, actionable insights.

Our comprehensive Technical and SEO Content Audit ensures that the technical framework and the content of your Webflow website are optimized for peak performance in search engines. Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Enhanced Crawling and Indexing: We optimize your site’s sitemaps and robots.txt file to ensure search engines can efficiently index your content.
    • Create and submit primary and secondary sitemaps
    • Ensure robots.txt isn’t blocking important pages
    • Optimize canonical tags to prevent duplicate content issues
  • Improved Site Speed: Faster loading times improve user experience and search engine rankings. We focus on optimizing elements to enhance your site’s speed.
    • Optimize images, videos, and code
    • Use of CDNs and high-performance hosting
    • Implement lazy loading for better resource management
  • Effective Redirect Management: Proper handling of redirects ensures link equity is preserved and users are guided to relevant content.
    • Fix 404 errors and redirect chains
    • Implement and review 301 and 302 redirects
    • Reclaim lost link equity from 404 errors
  • Secure Website: Security is crucial for both user trust and SEO. We ensure your site is secure and free from vulnerabilities.
    • Install and manage SSL certificates
    • Fix expired or mismatched SSL certificates
    • Address HTTP/HTTPS mixed content issues
  • Optimized URL Structure: A clean and consistent URL structure improves search engine understanding and user experience.
    • Ensure URLs are secure and formatted correctly
    • Avoid overly complex or lengthy URLs
    • Maintain keyword-rich and user-friendly URLs
  • Enhanced Internal Linking: Effective internal linking improves crawlability and distributes link equity throughout your site.
    • Optimize sitewide navigation and breadcrumbs
    • Fix crawl depth issues by building new internal links
    • Optimize internal link anchor text for relevance and diversity
  • Accurate Status Codes Management: Proper handling of status codes ensures search engines understand the state of your content.
    • Manage and fix 400, 403, 404, 410, 429, 500, 502, and 503 errors
    • Use appropriate status codes for content removal and redirects
  • Structured Data Optimization: Implementing schema markup helps search engines understand your content better and display rich snippets in search results.
    • Use recommended tools to create and validate schema markup
    • Implement organization, product review, and other relevant schemas
  • SEO Content Strategies and Optimization: We ensure your content aligns with SEO best practices to bring visibility and engagement.
    • Develop content strategies that fit your business needs
    • Optimize existing content for better search results
    • Create detailed content briefs to guide writers
  • Content Pruning and Upgrades: We improve the overall quality of your website by removing low-value content and enhancing valuable content.
    • Identify and remove outdated or irrelevant content
    • Upgrade existing content to improve its quality and relevance
    • Ensure content meets user intent and provides unique value

Our Technical and SEO Content Audit covers all these and more, ensuring your Webflow website is technically sound and rich in high-quality, optimized content.

We create a detailed SEO action prioritization plan based on the insights from our comprehensive Webflow SEO audit. This plan aims to help your team understand what tasks are crucial and which can be scheduled for later. Our action prioritization sheet provides clear guidance on what needs to be done immediately, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the importance of specific implementations.

Our Process

SEO cosultation

Initial Consultation

Understand your business goals and current SEO status.
SEO Data Collection

Data Collection

Gather data from your Webflow website and competitors
SEO Analysis


Perform detailed analysis using advanced SEO tools.
SEO Reporting


Create comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations

Frequently asked questions

Why does my company need a professional Webflow SEO audit?

A Webflow SEO audit identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your website’s SEO, helping you understand what needs to be optimized to improve your search engine rankings and overall online presence.

How often should my company get a Webflow SEO audit?

We recommend a Webflow SEO audit every 6 months to ensure your site remains optimized and competitive in search engine results.

How can this Webflow SEO audit help my company if we already have an in-house SEO team?

Our audit provides an action plan that your in-house team can implement. We identify areas of improvement and offer specific recommendations, saving your team time and ensuring your SEO efforts are effective.

Can your company implement the changes suggested in the Webflow SEO audit?

Yes, we offer implementation services for the recommendations provided in the audit. Our team can work with you to ensure all changes are effectively executed to improve your site’s performance.

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